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VIV Aisa trade show 2017

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  VIV Asia was held in Bangkok, Thailand starting on 15th Mar, 2017. This Trade Show was a 3 day event and ended on 17th March, 2017

  Jane who is incharge of Animal Health Care & Agricultural dept.have attended this show together with her assistant Gia.

  We really appreciate every chance to meet some new customers to deeply understand their requirements of both products and the whole market. What's more important, we can meet our regular customers. It is very important to communicate face to face. We can not only talk about new products, new plans but also we can talk about our life,our families. That's why some of our customers can become friends.


 After VIV trade show, Jane and Gia spent a quite leisure weekend in Chiengmai. 

 Life is short.

 Enjoy work, strive for a better life!

 Enjoy life, get ready to welcome your next hard-working Monday!

                                                        by Kiko

                                                        14 Apr,2017

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