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A great outing, isn't it?

Have already visited 987 05/18/2017  

   There's a good place called Tai Lake Amorous Feelings Resort. It is beautiful and leisure which is located in Suzhou.

  It welcomed one group which called ComWin on 06 May. 

   In the forenoon, they played some "very difficult" games, incluing clap hands for 10 times, but every one needed to be in the same tempo.Comwin did it! At their first try. 

  What a amazing tacit cooperation!A good start of the day.  

  Games go on. They ran in circles and when the coach said "stop", finded correct numbers of people to form a temporary team. Who failed will be "punished". 

   What was the punishement? Let Comwin show you how to get from A point to B by  all kinds of different ways. Maybe some is out of your imagine. 

  And then the really challenge was coming! ComWin was seperated into two teams.

  One is "Calabash Brothers Team" and the other is "Guardians of the Galaxy". One is a classical catoon in China and the other is Marvel Comics from USA. Let's check it out!


  The competition was start in the afternoon. You know, it was not game again. It was really competition.

  Eight sticks kept up-right on the ground. Every one can only put one hand on the top of stick. Peoples move, but sticks need to be at the same place without falling down. Every team needed to move 10 position without failure.

  And more difficult one was seven people used four small cushion to deliver themselves from A point to B. Their feet can not touch the ground. Can't image how difficult it is? The answer is as below:

  A tough and wonderful day finally finished with a fabulous campfire party.

Only the fire and the music can tell how much ComWin family have gained that day.


   On the second day, they headed to Misty Peaks which is located in Suzhou too. After two hours climbing, they reach the peak.

   Beautiful view and beautiful smile! 

   Climbing is toilsome but without climbing you cannot see far away. 

   Always remember, in ComWin, you will never be alone, you can find leader infront of you, and you will have support behind you.

   Do you find the golden key? Team work!


                                              18 May 2017

                                                by Kiko

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