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    Cyclopropyl Methyl Ketone

  • CAS No. :765-43-5
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Product Details


Chemical Name1-Cyclopropyl-ethanone
CAS Number765-43-5
Molecular FormulaC5H8O
Molecular Weight84.12
Molecular Structure 
StorageStore in well-closed container,keep away from strong light and heat.
UsageEmerging pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticideintermediates,    which can be used for synthesis of anti-HIV, Cyclopropylamine,    two cyclopropyl methyl ketone


AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Relative    Density0.855
Moisture<    0.1%
Assay (HPLC)≥ 99.5%

Properties:Colorless transparent liquid.b.p.114° C, refractive index(n20/D):1.424(lit.), Specific gravity 0.849g/ml (25°C). Can be mixed with alcohol ether, have certain solubilility in water.

Hazardous Information

S16 Keep away from sources of ignition.

R11Highly flammable.

Hazardous code:F

Hazardous class:11

UN number:UN1224


Application:Cyclopropyl methyl ketone is a kind of important organic raw materials and intermediates. In medicine, it is mainly used for synthesizing anti-HIV drugs EFAVIRENZ and Yierleimin; In terms of pesticides, it is mainly used for fungicides, such as Cyprodinil and Cyproconazole. In herbicide, it is used as the intermediate for Isoxaflutole.

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