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2016 Annual Meeting & A travel to Mao Mountain

Have already visited 949 01/22/2016  

    From 16th Jan to 17th  Jan (Saturday & Sunday), we have our annual meeting of 2016 in Lunshan Lake holiday resort. On the first day we spent a half to do our annual report and the other half day just take a good rest in the hotel; on the second day we have a visit to Mao Mountain.

    First all of, we would like to show a photo of all our administrator stuff. We can take our family with us. It must be one of the specialties of Comwin’s.

    On 15th Jan, we drove to Luanshan Lake holiday resort which is located in Jiangsu Jurong. The hotel is very beautiful, like a mini town.


   At dinner, we celebrated birthday of Cindy&Vicky. They are a team handling Nutritional & Cosmetic Ingredients.


   On Saturday morning, we held our annual meeting which is very important to summrise our work in 2015 and to share our plans in 2016.


   After meeting, Comwin family had sport & some other entertainment, just like pingpong, badmintan, billiards & KTV.


 Sunday was more impressive. We took a climb to Mao Moutain which is famous for its Taosim.


We can never image what will happen tommorrow. What we can do is to live a wonderful today.

2015, goodbye!

2016, good luck!


                                                                                                                   Comwin- by Kiko

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