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2017 Annual Meeting & A travel to Wuxi

Have already visited 975 02/22/2017  

   From 7 Jan to 8th  Jan (Saturday & Sunday), we had our annual meeting of 2017 in Wuxi Junlai Lakeside Hotel. On the first day we spent a half to do our annual report and the other half day just took a good rest in the hotel; on the second day we had a visit to Three Kingdoms & Water Margin City. 

    On Saturday morning, we held our annual meeting which is very important to summrise our work in 2016 and to share our plans in 2017.

    Our Managing Director awarded two of our senoir employees Chi Hongmei & Magi who have already worked for Comwin for over 10 years. And also awarded Kiko Liu as best employee in 2016.

   Our Annual report successfully ended with a beatiful group photo. Besides meeting, a very import thing was to enjoy delicious food. Same as every year, we had our families with us.

    On Sunday, we had a visit to Three Kingdoms & Water Margin City which located in the western part of Wuxi. 

    Three Kingdoms was the first Movie and TV film studio in China established in 1987. According to the story of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", many buildings of Han Dynasty were constructed, like emperor Wu’s Palace, Ganlu Temple, the Stockade of the kingdom of Wu and other dozens of large-scale scenic spots. The whole area is full of historical culture and plays an important role in promoting the traditional national culture. 

    Next to the area of the Three Kingdoms, the Water Margin scenic composed of County area, Capital area and Liangshan area. In County area, there are scenes reflecting the ordinary life of people in Northern Song Dynasty. In Capital area, all the buildings appear splendid and luxurious. It is the capital of Northern Song kingdom. The Liangshan area is built beside a lake, in accordance with the story of “Water Margin”. Standing here, you will feel the great heroic spirit of 108 heros who are the leading roles of “Water Margin”.

    We walked around to feel the traditional culture of China and also enjoyed some wonderful performace too.

   As years and years passed by some times we may got confusion where is our tomorrow? 

  These two days may be taken as a breakpoint to think about it serously.

 2017 have already come with no hesitate. 

   So, come on! We should run to the tomorrow with no hesitate too!

                                                                           by Kiko

                                                                                                                                              22 Feb ,2017

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