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2022 Company Annual Meeting & Nanshan Zhuhai Hiking

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On sunny days,We enjoyed our annual meeting of 2022 in Liyang town, Tianmu lake and Nanshan Zhuhai are surrounded Liyang that is alike a pearl treasured.


 As regular, we arranged two parts. On 8th. JAN. 2022, we held our annual meeting to summarize our work in past 2021 and set up plans in coming 2022. On second day, we had a wonderful time to hiking Nanshan Zhuhai, and take a relax afternoon during thermal springs.

Mr. Dong, ComWin’s Leader attached great importance to this year's annual meeting, Mrs. Ni, the senior accountant, and Mr. Wang, the manager of logistics manager, hosted the meeting, and Mr. Gong, arranged lucky draw in between, which excited the atmosphere on the spot. Everyone displayed their well- prepared PPTs to show their stories during 2021, by sharing, colleagues learnt to know others better and exchanged their emotions. What a yearsomeone was happy or excited, someone was sentimental or disappointed, this is real andcommon because this is life itself. Before the ending meeting, we all sincerely believe ComWin is going to have great promotion in 2022, because ComWin family is ready!


On the second day, we hiked Nanshan Zhuhai, and enjoyed at thermal springs, to taste young and sweet life style…… the happy moments impression already remained in everyone's mind firmly.


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