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2019 Company Annual Meeting & Tour in Chongqing

Have already visited 3100 02/06/2020  

From 9th Jan to 12th Jan, 2020, we had our annual meeting of 2019 in Chongqing, a fascinating city. 

Only four Chinese cities are highlighted on the world map hanging in the United Nations General Assembly Hall, and Chongqing is one of them. This year's annual meeting must be recorded in Comwin's history as it's the first time that meeting is held outside Jiangsu Province.

At this moment, I had the opportunity to represent colleagues to report this special and grand moment again since last year.


As regular, we arranged two parts. On first day, we held our annual meeting to summarize our work in past 2019 and set up plans in coming 2020. On second day, we had a wonderful time in this youngest municipality of China, whereas one of the world's largest inland city of mountains and rivers, to fully feel endless modern myths, find food, beauties, and historic cultures brought by it.


Leaders attached great importance to this year's annual meeting. Sales managers Jane, Magi hosted the meeting, and accountant Ni arranged lucky draw in between, which excited the atmosphere on the spot. Everyone displayed their well-prepared PPTs to show their stories during 2019, by sharing, colleagues learnt to know others better and exchanged their emotions. What a year ——  someone was happy or excited, someone was sentimental or disappointed, this is real and common because this is life itself. Moreover, on this day, we celebrated Vicky's birthday and were all impressed by her birthday present, Vicky was moved with tears surely.


After catching ferry at Chaotianmen Dock to visit Precipice Flood in the evening together, we visited other places separetely in Chongqing the next day. Cinder Cave, Huguang Guild Hall, The Road of Walk in Mountain City, Ciqikou, even Sichuan Fine Arts Institute is chosen to visit by us.


Four days' 2019 Company Annual Meeting was ended on Jan.12th. Though Jane left us earlier for certain reason, Chongqing impression already remained in everyone's mind firmly...

Goodbye 2019, and let's go forward to explore more in 2020! 


                                                                                 Written and edited by Andrew

                                                                                            Feb 6th, 2020

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