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Green travel, low-carbon life proposal

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Green travel, low-carbon life proposal


We live together in a earth home, as a citizen of the earth, each of us to protect the environment, care for the earth should have a sense of ownership. As a pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise with strong social responsibility, Comwin deeply recognizes that an enterprise wants sustainable development, and must transform to green and promote the deep-level development of enterprises while paying attention to economic benefits. To this end, Comwin launched the initiative of green travel and low-carbon life to all employees, customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders concerned about Comwin, "Green travel starts from me, low-carbon life starts from today", which can include the following ten actions:

1. 绿色意识:在日常工作和生活中,每个人都应该绿色低碳环保意识,和节约意识,真正了解绿色低碳行动对地球、对国家、对企业及个人的意义。

2. 绿色出行:尽量少开车,多步行或多乘坐公交车地铁等,可以减少汽车尾气排放。如果选择开车出行,尽量选择新能源车。

3. 节约用电:时刻注意节约能源消耗,做到随手关闭电灯、电视、电脑、空调、饮水机等各种电器设备,做到人走电停。空调温度设置和室外温度相差控制在5℃-10℃以内。

4. 不使用一次性物品:减少使用一次性制品,如一次性购物袋、一次性碗筷、一次性纸杯等,尽量选择可重复使用的物品,减少垃圾。

5. 节约办公物资:绿色低碳办公,尽量少用打印机,多使用数字化文件,打印选择双面打印节约用纸。

6. 绿色产品:优先选择使用可回收材料、物品,优先选购绿色产品,做低碳消费引领者。

7. 植树造林:参加植树造林等活动,无论在工作场所还是在园区多种树和绿色植物。

8. 废旧物品再利用:个人不需要的物品做好清理,通过捐赠、置换、跳蚤市场、咸鱼二手平台等途径,将废旧物品传递给有需要的人群,充分发挥废旧物品的剩余价值。

9. 合理就餐:用餐只点自己需要的量,不铺张浪费、不暴饮暴食,倡导“光盘行为”。

10. 坚持锻炼:坚持日常锻炼,遵循良好的作息时间,以健康的身体、饱满的情绪迎接每一天的工作生活。


1. Green awareness: In daily work and life, everyone should have a green and low-carbon environmental awareness, and a sense of conservation, and truly understand the significance of green and low-carbon actions for the earth, the country, enterprises and individuals.

2. Green travel: Drive as little as possible, walk more or take more buses and subways, etc., which can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. If you choose to drive, try to choose new energy vehicles.

3. Save electricity: always pay attention to saving energy consumption, so that the lights, TV, computer, air conditioning, drinking water and other electrical equipment can be shut down, so that people can stop power. The difference between the air conditioner temperature setting and the outdoor temperature should be controlled within 5℃-10℃. 

4. Do not use disposable items: Reduce the use of disposable products, such as disposable shopping bags, disposable bowls and chopsticks, disposable paper cups, etc., try to choose reusable items to reduce garbage.

5. Save office materials: green and low-carbon office, try to use less printers, use more digital documents,Print Choose double sided printing to save paper.

6. Green products: give priority to the use of recyclable materials and items, give priority to the purchase of green products, and be a leader in low-carbon consumption.

7. Afforestation: Participate in afforestation and other activities, whether in the workplace or on the campus to plant trees and green plants.

8. Reuse of used goods: Clean up unwanted items, pass used goods to people in need through donation, replacement, flea market, salted fish second-hand platform, etc., and give full play to the residual value of used goods.

9. Reasonable dining: eat only the amount you need, not extravagance, not overeating, advocating "CD-ROM behavior". 

10. Adhere to exercise: adhere to daily exercise, follow a good schedule, with a healthy body, full of emotions to meet every day of work and life.




I hope that everyone can take immediate action to support the concept of green travel and low-carbon life, practice green and low-carbon work and life, and everyone should strive to be an example of green and low-carbon life. Through their own actions, they can publicize the concept of green and low-carbon to friends and colleagues around them, and promote more people to join this green and low-carbon team.



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