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External party complaints and reporting procedures

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Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemicals Co., LTD. 

              External party complaints and reporting procedures



IPurpose The purpose of this document is to establish and standardize the complaint and reporting mechanism of customers, suppliers and partners of Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemicals Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Comwin to the Company) . to ensure that the complaints and reports of relevant parties are timely, fair, confidential and properly handled, and to protect the reasonable interests of relevant parties. 



IIScope of application This document is applicable to complaints and reports from customers, suppliers, partners and other relevant parties about violations of the Company and its representatives.


客户、供应商及合作伙伴等可以通过口头、书面、电话或电子邮件的方式,通过我公司代表人员,或如下匿名投诉渠道进行投诉或举报: 匿名投诉电话:+86 519 86619955 匿名举报邮件:info@comwin-china.com 

IIIComplaints and reporting channels Customers, suppliers and partners can make complaints or reports orally, in writing, by telephone or email, through our representatives, or through the following anonymous complaint channels: Anonymous complaint call: +86 519 86619955 Anonymous tips can be sent to info@comwin-china.com 



1. 公司涉及产品或服务质量不符合约定标准或存在安全隐患。 

2. 有关违反合同约定的行为,如未按时支付款项、未履行合同义务等。 

3. 公司的客户、供应商及合作伙伴等的商业机密或个人敏感信息的非授权泄露。 

4. 公司及公司代表违反公司条例或对外承诺的行为。 

5. 公司及公司代表或委托的相关方利用职务之便,滥用职权、贪污腐败、行贿受贿等行为。 

6. 公司及公司代表在与客户、供应商及合作伙伴等之间的合作关系中存在的不正当竞 争行为或不合理的条款。 

7. 公司及公司代表与客户、供应商及合作伙伴等之间的合作关系中存在的违法、违规行为。 

8. 公司对环境造成污染或破坏的行为。 

9. 公司及公司代表涉及对客户、供应商及合作伙伴人员的歧视、骚扰、胁迫等行为。 

10. 公司及公司代表违反客户、供应商及合作伙伴处的健康、安全、规范的行为。 

11. 公司及公司代表与客户、供应商及合作伙伴等之间的合作关系中存在的其他违规行为。

IVScope of complaints and reports

Customers, suppliers and partners can complain or report the following: 

1. The quality of the company's products or services does not meet the agreed standards or there are security risks. 

2. Related breach of contract, such as failure to pay on time, failure to perform contractual obligations, etc. 

3. Unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets or sensitive personal information of the Company's customers, suppliers and partners. 

4. Violation of company rules or external commitments by the company and its representatives. 5. The company and its representatives or the relevant parties entrusted by the company take advantage of their positions to abuse their power, commit corruption, offer bribes and other acts. 

6. Unfair competition practices or unreasonable terms in the cooperative relations between the Company and its representatives and customers, suppliers and partners. 

7. Illegal and irregular acts in the cooperative relations between the company and its representatives and customers, suppliers and partners. 

8. The act of a company causing pollution or damage to the environment. 

9. The Company and its representatives engage in discrimination, harassment, coercion and other acts against customers, suppliers and partners.

10. The Company and its representatives violate the health, safety and regulations of customers, suppliers and partners. 

11. Other violations in the cooperative relations between the Company and its representatives and customers, suppliers and partners.


1. 接受投诉与举报:投诉与举报接收人员负责接受和记录投诉与举报,同时确认收到 的信息完整性。 

2. 调查与核实:公司将组织相关部门进行调查和核实,以获取证据和了解相关情况。 

3. 处理与解决:根据调查结果,公司将采取适当的措施处理并解决问题,确保公正、 及时和合理的处理。 

4. 反馈与通报:公司将及时向投诉与举报人员反馈处理结果,并在必要时向相关方通 报。 

5. 保密与保护:公司将对所有投诉与举报人员的个人信息进行保密。对于通过匿名投 诉渠道投诉的,投诉信息只允许投诉接收人和公司总经理知晓。公司严禁对投诉人员进 行打击报复,或任何其他形式的胁迫和骚扰,一旦发现此等行为,公司将从严处理。

VProcedures for handling complaints and reports 

1. Receiving Complaints and Reports: The receiving officer of complaints and reports is responsible for receiving and recording complaints and reports and confirming the integrity of the information received. 

2. Investigation and verification: The Company will organize relevant departments to investigate and verify in order to obtain evidence and understand the relevant situation.

3. Processing and resolution: Based on the results of the investigation, the Company will take appropriate measures to deal with and resolve the problem to ensure fair, timely and reasonable processing.

4. Feedback and notification: The Company will timely report the results of the complaints and whistleblowers, and notify the relevant parties when necessary. 

5. Confidentiality and protection: The Company will keep the personal information of all complaints and whistleblowers confidential. For complaints made through anonymous complaint channels, the complaint information is only allowed to be known by the recipient of the complaint and the general manager of the company. Retaliation against complainants, or any other form of coercion or harassment, is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with strictly if such behavior is found.

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